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Electrical Cable Assembly

We meet all kinds of needs for electrical wiring supply, signal cables, flat cables, power cables, display cable, LVDS wiring, battery cables.

LVDS Wiring

Dedicated wiring for connecting video terminals and

Structured Wiring

Hundreds of wires, cables, connections and accompanying elements for application areas intended for a high-value end user.

Electrical Panels

Container of electrical control components serving point utilities. Different sizes and features related to the reference product.

Electronic Boards

Integration and supply of assemblies completed by electronic boards as per Customer’s specification.


Large-section cables up to 120 mm square desinati for applications related to electric mobility.

Electrical Assemblies

Complex of electromechanical components integrated into an industrial end user.

Iso Bus

Cables intended for intelligent applications in agriculture.

Our Technical Department is available to identify appropriate solutions to your wiring needs

Provide our technical department with all the specifications and requirements of your project. We will take care of the prototyping and implementation of the same.