Business Production Processes

What are the processes and whatimportance do they have in making our products?

For us, production processes are the moments of concretization of a production path that begins in the engineering office and ends in shipping logistics. We see them as an organic sequence of operations linked by our technical and back up services.


Automated process of cutting cable to size according to customer specifications. Different cables made of different materials and technologies are cut by dedicated automatic machine tools. Our fleet of cutting machines sees an application range from 0.05 square mm to 120 square mm.


Automatic and semiautomatic process of fixing the contact on the wire or cable. The size and types of contact available to Customers are in the thousands.


Semi-automatic process of melting copper alloys by ultra-high frequency wave emissions that indissolubly compact the material. The fleet meets the most stringent quality requirements and applies up to 35 mm square sections.


Semi-automatic process of filling connection containers with different shapes and materials for protection from external physical-chemical stress and fixing of internal elements. Mainly used for electronic boards and sensors.


Process of contact protection by injection of technical resins and polymers at high temperature and pressure in dedicated molds. Molds are modeled at the Customer’s request even for limited series through 3D modeling.


Process of instrumental verification of correct wiring execution. Low-voltage electrical continuity testing ensures that connections meet design requirements. Matching tables and equipment are engineered and made in-house for each project.


Testing process of wiring harnesses with large sections dedicated to carrying important voltages in electric mobility. It is carried out through specific instrumentation in contexts of high safety and utmost attention to the quality not only of the test but also of the product.


Process of covering, tying and protecting the bundle of cables or wires. It is done semi-automatically through specific machines that allow high quality standards. Available in colors and sections according to Customer’s specifications.

We are active in a variety of Industry sectors. We enhance current technologies and implement new processing and services to anticipate developments in our Clients’ markets.