Who we are

We are proud of the way things are done in our neck of the woods.

Ernesto Fresch – Partner and Founder

About Us

A Reliable Partner for co-design and implementation of complex wiring harnesses

Eltek Srl has developed cross-cutting experiences over the years bringing both innovation and standardization to the industries in which it has intervened. The goal is to bring both economic and product value to Customers.

We are a leading manufacturer of wiring harnesses for industry and base our strength on the expertise inherited from past experience and the search for innovative solutions.

Eltek Srl’s path essentially develops as a natural growth, free but contextualized to the industry sector to which it belongs. Every step forward, every new skill rests solidly on what has gone before.

Our Approach

For us, Customer satisfaction is more than a slogan, it is a style of approaching work. Customer oriented, dedicated to solving problems and adding value.


They are those of our Earth. Seriousness, dedication, passion, commitment and responsibility. All always as a Team because the end result is the sum of small and large contributions.


The response must always be timely. Our departments have as their first goal to never leave the Client alone by providing , as soon as possible, all the information available at that given time.


We implement our technical insights and engineering solutions with accountability. Always. The mixture of different technologies in which we are called upon to support Partner companies allows us to identify cross-cutting spaces for improvement by dropping them from experiences developed in different sectors.

The wiring harnesses produced by Eltek Srl are found on all devices where electricity, connections and data flow.

Your wiring is in good hands. We make it with the best available technology, in-depth product knowledge and a focus on the highest attainable quality.

Our production capacity is concentrated in the territory to which we belong and sees an important localization of investments, continuity of human skills and the commitment of a reality that is always on call and responsible for its work.

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